About Rockstoria Studios

Your Production Partner for Driving Impact 

We believe production and events are vehicles for change. 

We are curators, connectors, and change makers. The Rockstoria Studios team curates your story to make a transformative difference. Productions and events are designed to drive change, stewardship, and audience action. Action oriented curation makes your vision a reality by going beyond inspiration. Our crew has backgrounds in broadcasting, entertainment, corporate, government, and nonprofit arenas. By combining business strategy with creation and fun, all client and community outcomes are crafted for growth and 100% shine.

 The Crew

Meet the award-winning, all female team at Rockstoria Studios!

Buffie Blesi

CEO & Chief Inspiration Officer

Kim Bauer

Production Manager

Katy Pence

Creative Director

Carolyn Pool

Curator & Writer

Shelby Domagala

Marketing Coordinator


Studio Dog

Rockstoria Studios

2327 Wycliff St. Suite 340
St. Paul, MN 55114 | 612-351-8180


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