Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I park and load equipment in & out?

Rockstoria Studios
2327 Wycliff St. Suite 340
St. Paul, MN 55114

Rockstoria Studios is located inside the Wycliff building on level 3. Free parking is available in the lots that surround the building. Freight elevator for load in and out located on the ADA Ramp Entrance side of the building. SEE MAP


Loading and Unloading
The Main Entrance is handicap accessible and is great for loading in small equipment with large 10 ft x 6 ft passenger elevator available. Bringing in loads of equipment, staging or sets? We got you covered! Both a drive-in door and truck (semi and box truck) loading docks are available. Studio hours are 7AM – 5PM  Monday-Friday (your reservation must include your load in and load out time).  

Extended Time (Early Arrival | Late to Leave)
If you require special considerations for your rental please contact us. If you go beyond your rental time you will be charged the hourly standard rate.

Checking Out / Cleaning Up
The studio must be left how you found it.

Is there equipment for me to use?

Each studio rental includes a basic grip package, including

  • 2 C stands with arms and knuckles
  • 4 sandbags
  • 1 power reel
  • 1 set of apple boxes
  • 1 reflector
  • 4 small A clamps
  • 4 large A clamps
  • 6 assorted spring clamps
  • Assorted hand tools
  • Various ladders, stepladders, stepstools, and chairs available as needed
  • Additional furniture or supplies may be provided at our discretion.

Access to any specific item(s) is not guaranteed. You are responsible for confirming specific requirements at the time of reservation.

Additional specialty items may be available for rent including lighting, camera equipment, stands, microphones, mixers, speakers and sound equipment through us or through one of our providers.

Basic Grip Package included with each studio rental. 

Subject Lighting: Cyc wall is pre-lit with color temp variable and RGB LEDs and bi-color subject lighting.
For additional, or other studios you will need to bring your own.


Do I need insurance to rent?

If you do not have it, it is recommended to book through Peerspace so that you are insured. Otherwise, Rockstoria has the right to request proof of insurance (COI) General Liability Insurance.


I want to bring in catering, any restrictions?

Bring catering of your choice. If alcohol is being served at your event they must have a liquor license.



Reservation requests can be made by phone or email. A nonrefundable 25% deposit is required at the time of reservation, full payment is due 5 days before rental.

You will be sent an invoice for payment + rental contract to sign soon after making the reservation. Your booking is not complete until payment is received.

Cancellation/rescheduling must be discussed with Rockstoria Studios management.


Weekends, Evenings, and Holiday Rentals
Operating hours are 7AM-5PM Monday through Friday. If you would like to book outside operating hours, on a weekend or over a holiday, please contact us at hello@rockstoriastudios.com  for availability. Weekends and non business hours are subject to additional cost.
2-hour minimum for weekday rental.
4-hour minimum for weekend rental.

Going Over Your Rental Time
If your shoot goes beyond the allotted time (and there is not another reservation pending yours) you are allowed to stay in the studio with the added hourly rate.

Cleaning & Damage
Excessive repairs, not limited to cleaning or painting, that can be resolved in less than 1 hour + materials will typically be charged $75. If the need is larger than that, the fee will be estimated based on time to resolve and repair. The space will be assessed after you check out. If there is an issue you will be notified of any fees needed for restoration.


Although it is not required for renters, it  is HIGHLY recommended that you carry General Liability and Workman’s Compensation Insurance.  The space should be left how you found it so that it is ready for the next creator. You are liable for accidents, messes, missing items, and damage (beyond general wear and tear) that occurs during your rental. We will assess the space after you check out and notify you of any incidents and the fees associated. All rentals require a valid credit card be on file that will be charged the the amount to repair, restore, or replace the space to its original integrity.

Rockstoria Studios™ | Rock What You Got™, any of its representatives, or the Wycliff Building are not liable for any bodily harm, or untimely demise that is occurred upon the renter or any of their guests within the space. You are using this facility and the amenities at your own risk.


Building Policies
Smoking is not permitted in the building or dock areas or within 25 feet of any entrance. Please do not leave any butts on the ground. If this is for a project let us know.
No guns

Prior Permission Required For: 
Live animals/creatures
Props that are considered weapons
Naked People


Media Consent
Media captured at Rockstoria Studios™ may be shared with credits (website, social media, emails, expos) for marketing or educational purpose. We reserve the right to do so unless the renter or client mentions restrictions (verbal or written). Rockstoria Studios™ is not liable for any fees, loss of revenue, damage, or other incident that result from not notifying us in advance of media sharing. You can still request removal of a shared media and we will do what we can depending on the platform and circumstance at that point in time.


Privacy Rights
One or more Rockstoria Studios™ staff will be on-site when you are renting to greet and help you get settled. You will have privacy in your rental space to focus on your project, but we are here to help should you have questions.

Studio Spaces can be rented separately or combined to increase access and flexibility. You and your guests, employees, contractors and vendors are required to stay in the spaces rented and to not encroach on other renters or spaces not included in rental agreement. Some spaces have been identified as “shared” and may be accessed and utilized during your rental as long as they are available.


Health & Wellness / COVID 19
Rockstoria Studios™ follows guidelines current to St. Paul, Minnesota (Ramsey County). Complimentary masks and hand sanitizer are provided in studio for your comfort level.

Being a safe space for the community is a priority for this destination. This space is welcome to everyone. To make sure of that, we reserve the right to terminate any rental or service due to the renter (or its associates) for accusations of violence, sexual assault, racism, sexism, or any claim that may cause harm to the reputation of Rockstoria Studios™, or its employees or affiliates. No refunds will be provided in case of termination.

Rockstoria Studios™ staff will be on-site when you are renting to greet and help you get settled. You will then have privacy in your rental space to focus on your project, but we are here to help should you have questions. Please let us know the details of your project so that we can prepare for special circumstances. Loaded firearms, explosives, pornography, illegal substances, are restricted. Sharing rentals with another group is not allowed without letting us know in advance.


You can review the studio rental contract here. You are agreeing to these terms and conditions when your reservation is made. 

Rockstoria Studios

2327 Wycliff St. Suite 340
St. Paul, MN 55114

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